Statutory vs. Managerial


In a Planning & Budgeting project view we typically talk about: A managerial / destination income statement; A data entry stage for all the measures involved into the budget process; A phase of calculating the Sales, Opex, Capex, HR budgets; Different dimensions and cubes analysis involved; Allocation drivers and standard or complex calculation algorithms.   … Read More

FCCS project approach


Ready to share ideas and best practices with customers who have an HFM at home. Goal: share with HFM experts the roadmaps for the implementation of FCCS, with a focus on these aspects: 1- Start from “SAMPLE” application / from new application; 2- Management of metadata on excel; 3- Native functions of the chart of … Read More

IT managers and EPM Cloud


2019 spring era. The advantage brought by the technology in EPM Cloud is becoming really tangible: we see it in the interest that the CIOs of the companies we visit show when we make our presentations of the transition from “on-premise” applications to applications in Cloud. We see a lot of curiosity and an active … Read More

The winning EPM project


Ability to transfer skills and knowledge to key users: competence, confidence in the product, perception of this as a “friend” support and not an opponent, full committment in its use. It’s the job of a good senior consultant. The ability of an application to follow a finance process and the technical and functional expertise of … Read More