For the period of December 2019 / January 2020, looking at the financial closing processes of the end of the year, Experlab proposes an assessment meeting where to analyze the following areas:

Existing applications:

  • Applications ability to support the Closing process;
  • Level of user skills in the use of applications;
  • Needs for application new developments on data integration, reporting, calculation rules, user workflows;
  • Integration requirements for new modules.

Old Applications release / no longer covered by Oracle support:

  • Possibility of migration to Oracle EPM «on premise»;
  • Possibility of migration to Oracle EPM «on premise» 11.2;
  • Possibility of migration to Oracle EPM Cloud.

Non existing EPM application:

  • Possibility of Oracle EPM Cloud implementation;
  • Possibility of one or more EPM modules «on premise» 11.2 implementation.

The meeting is proposed to the following professionals:

  • Management control;
  • Administration, finance, treasury;
  • IT Departments.