The power of Smart View


Knowledge transfer on Oracle Hyperion Smart View is one of the first values added on a successfull EPM project. A couple of training days should be enough to put users in a position to build their analysis views. Afterwards, it takes practice. We put ourselves on the side of the manager of the consolidated financial statements … Read More

Movements Consolidation


What is HFM’s strong point in making the Consolidated Financial Statements? Several points I would say, but today we appreciate the consolidation of each individual balance sheet movement. Imagine an HFM application that, for the purposes of the Notes to the Financial Statements, presents the following flows available for the various sections of the Balance … Read More

Migrate to HFM


This is the lighter, faster, simpler HFM version ever made before. Oracle “dixit”. We say: great opportunity to migrate to HFM, especially for customers having following HFM versions: 11.1.1.x (great versions, but really very old in terms of compatibility, etc …), and (the worst ever done before). From out point of view … Read More

Equity translations


HFM provides a Closing rate to translate Balance sheet data and an Average rate to translate Profit & Loss data. There is not an Historical exchange rate to translate the equity movements. A quick solution to keep the equity translated at the historical exchange rate is a manual journal entry with journal HFM module. Another … Read More