EXPERLAB meetings: Managing Balance Sheet #Movements

2024-06-05EPM School

Save the date, Friday 14 June, 2:30 – 3:00 pm CET Focus on #FCCS. When we talk about loading Balance Sheet data, we have roughly two phases: Closing Balances input; Movements input. In our meeting we will see in detail the phases of the second process and in particular: Using Input Forms for loading asset … Read More

EXPERLAB meetings: #Securities on Oracle EPM Cloud

2024-05-14EPM School

Save the date, Friday 17 May, 2:30 – 3:00 pm CET Oracle EPM applications are structured to be managed by multiple users (n.10 in case of the Standard version, no.25 in the Enterprise version) in a collaborative mode. There are roughly two types of users: base-level users and administrator users. One of the first activities … Read More

EXPERLAB meetings: #ESG Reporting

2024-05-02EPM School

EXPERLAB is pleased to announce that in the near future it will organize seminars to study together the new ESG / CSRD directives and verify how the Oracle EPM Starter Kit, based on #PBCS, responds to these needs. We will share session dates soon. #epmschool #experlab

Working with different gaaps on EPM

2024-03-08EPM School

In our experience we use MultiGaap dimension on #FCCS together with different balance sheet and profit & loss schemas. We can use for example a Multigaap Hierarchy for #IFRS (Structure 1) and a Multigaap Hierarchy for #OIC (Structure 2). Each Multigaap Hierarchy is made of different members. Structure 1: IFRS 16 Entry; IAS 19 Adjustment; … Read More