Playing with FCCS features


Yesterday the need emerged to carry out data loading simulations on #FinancialConsolidation on actual months while keeping the official data safe. Here is the solution: – Created a new “Actual_Year” scenario; – With the Copy Data tool we copied legal entities data from “Actual” to the new “Actual_Year” scenario; – Copy of rates and consolidation … Read More

Paralleli HFM / FCCS


Gestire in parallelo chiusure tra HFM ed FCCS. Per gli utenti ancora affezionati al vecchio mondo “on premise”: si possono portare avanti le chiusure su HFM come sempre fatto e utilizzare Data Management per esportare dati e scritture di consolidato in tempo reale da HFM a FCCS dove consolidiamo e consultiamo tutta la reportistica per … Read More

FCCS case histories


Between 2019 and today ExperLab has managed n.5 implementations of Oracle FCCS applications, n.4 of which are already live and active. The experience on the Cloud consolidation on Oracle technology grows, after more than 15 years of implementations of the consolidation in HFM. Here are some of the features of the applications released to our … Read More

Fccs may-19 updates


Following are the new enhancements on FCCS May release. ON-DEMAND RULES: this is really appreciated by the EPMs consultants ! This is the possibility to perform calculations outside of a Consolidation Process. Also from Smart View > Business Rules console. SUPPORT FOR ADDITIONAL ELIMINATION MEMBERS IN THE DATA SOURCE DIMENSION: this is great ! Into … Read More

Discovering FCCS Closing


It’s time of Financial Statements collection; holding companies controllers stress foreign controlled companies to gain the balances and the data quality to be consolidated. Here we talk about a new winning approach to the closing: ready to see the new features of Oracle FCCS? Experlab organizes webinars and assessments on Financial Close and Consolidated Financial … Read More

ECMA, Moving to the cloud


The moment is good to look at the favorable licensing of the EPM Cloud. With FCCS we then have Demo Kits to start working on the following processes: – IFRS Consolidated Financial Statements; – Sustainability Reporting with GRI; – Leases with the IFRS16 method. EPM Cloud Migration Accelerator speeds up the migration of metadata from HFM to … Read More

FCCS workshops


Experlab offers sessions for illustrating the features, strengths and innovations introduced by Oracle FCCS (Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service) along its development roadmap in the Oracle EPM Cloud environment. Recipients: – Management Control Area and Consolidated Financial Statements of companies that currently do not use Enterprise Performance Management tools for Reporting; – Management Control … Read More

FCCS Substitution Variables


A good starting point for designing the FCCS documents is to tell users how Substitution Variables work in FCCS. This is a function inherited from Essbase that allows you to always make dynamic Web Data Entry Forms and Reporting Book. We can for istance define Substitution Variables for a comparison scenario, for a certain consolidation … Read More

EPM Cloud data integration


A new paradigm, we said: this is how we see Oracle EPM Cloud applications from our experience in cloud projects. Looking at FCCS, one of the strengths, compared to HFM on premise, is data integration. FCCS can live between SDM (Supplemental Data Management) and FDM (Financial Data Management). With SDM we can map a large number of attribute … Read More



Here are some notes on today’s FCCS Workshop in Milan. Developed Demo Kit for Consolidated IFRS; further customizable and extendable in terms of functionality; Version “18-10” of FCCS arriving at the end of october, with two new Custom Dimensions; Oracle EPM Cloud Migration Accellerator (ECMA) for mapping and migrating application profile and metadata from HFM … Read More