It’s time of Financial Statements collection; holding companies controllers stress foreign controlled companies to gain the balances and the data quality to be consolidated.

Here we talk about a new winning approach to the closing: ready to see the new features of Oracle FCCS?

Experlab organizes webinars and assessments on Financial Close and Consolidated Financial Statements (and the disclosures), based on its many years experience in Finance processes.

For HFM historical customers we will focus on differences and affinities with Oracle FCCS, in terms of:
– Dimensional model and metadata management;
– Rules for calculation, conversion and consolidation.

For those who remain attached to a management of closures with the good old excel: a nice opportunity to see how easy it is to implement the new cloud consolidation solution along its design phases.

In two words, strengths that the consultant likes:
– The flexibility and speed in the creation of the master data of the dimensions, and in the management of the properties;
– The speed in loading data from different source systems, and in the production of Reporting;
– The preconfigured rules model at the consolidated level.

Winning projects also thanks to the new Cloud paradigms: we see the interest of the CIOs growing towards a model with zero internal maintenance costs, with advantageous fees and with applications that are always up-to-date also in terms of new features.