2019 spring era.

The advantage brought by the technology in EPM Cloud is becoming really tangible: we see it in the interest that the CIOs of the companies we visit show when we make our presentations of the transition from “on-premise” applications to applications in Cloud. We see a lot of curiosity and an active participation in our speeches.

The other feeling we experience is that talking about “on premise” “tastes old”.

We talk about visible and hidden costs. Imagine an iceberg.

At the visible cost level, the emerged part of the iceberg seems larger in EPM Cloud, where we have the annual service fee. In the “on-premise” applications we have the cost of annual license support, used by clients to open service requests and manage release migration.

The difference is great in the submerged part of the iceberg, where in terms of “on premise” applications we have:

– Initial investment (one-off);

– The management of upgrade and patching;

– Infrastructure management and costs;

– The cost of a technology that will become obsolete over time.

In the Cloud all this is included in the fee and the environment is always modern, updated with new features for financial closing applications, and patched.