Overview: EPM for Sustainability, ESG Reporting and Planning


With March 2024 Monthly Update for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) a new solution is available for environmental, social and governance reporting and planning. The application is built on Oracle #PBCS Business Process. See the overview below for a first taste of the new ESG application: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zIywpmHDKzc?rel=0&autoplay=1 Oracle offers EPM for Sustainability – a best-practice solution … Read More

Experlab meetings: Management Studio for EPRCS Reporting


Experlab is pleased to announce that three half-hour seminars will be held on the creation of Reporting using Oracle #ManagementStudio tool for the production of Oracle #EPRCS Report Packages. These are the dates of no.3 meetings with related topics: – First session, Friday 8 March, 2:30 – 3:00 pm CET: Introduction, database connection setup, report … Read More

Data Exchange: from PBCS to FCCS


Here are the steps of a very fast implementation to setup Source #PBCS and Target #FCCS connection for Managerial data loading. We have worked on FCCS Data Management. Creation of the PBCS Source Application; Creation of the Import Format and source PBCS dimensions mapping against target FCCS; Creation of a Location to import Actual data … Read More

Dashboards on #EPRCS


About fifteen years ago, our brave EPM consultant built an Ad Hoc Analysis on Smart View and on this a chart was built using Excel, and then the grid and the chart were separately copied and pasted into a static Word document, in the correct section. This work had to be done every time changes … Read More

Planning & Management Reporting functional analysis


Oracle #PBCS projects have a much higher level of customization than the Consolidated Financial Statement for statutory purposes. Typically we use a file to collect the business requirements and give the client visibility of the project scope. The collection phase is also very useful to clarify the planning & reporting process. Here are the points … Read More

Playing with FCCS features


Yesterday the need emerged to carry out data loading simulations on #FinancialConsolidation on actual months while keeping the official data safe. Here is the solution: – Created a new “Actual_Year” scenario; – With the Copy Data tool we copied legal entities data from “Actual” to the new “Actual_Year” scenario; – Copy of rates and consolidation … Read More

Journal entries for data adjustment


Today we discussed with a client about where to post journal entries to adjust data: source General Ledger or EPM? If we post on Oracle #Fusion or Oracle #NetSuite we can set on Data Management period mappings (Source Mapping > Mapping Type : “Adjustments”) the possibility to import adjustment layers and not only the Closing … Read More

Experlab meetings: a Consolidated Financial Statement Epm project


Save the date: Friday, February 9th , 2024, 3:30 – 4:00 pm. It is a pleasure to give an overview of how a Consolidated Financial Statement project on Oracle Epm technology (or others) is carried out. Will see together: – Licensing; – Functional analysis phase and application design; – Implementation, User Acceptance Test, Training phases. … Read More

Pagina Linkedin Experlab


Progetto 2024: massimo boost alla pagina della società su Linkedin. Implementazioni e supporto utenti permettendo. Risorse, informazioni, training, seminari e crocevia di networking per tutte le aree aziendali di Information Technology e Controllo di Gestione. Secondo questi hastag e argomenti: #epmsolutions: soluzioni ai “mal di pancia” del Cfo e del Cio; #epmnewfeatures: aggiornamenti di funzionalità … Read More

Manifesto programmatico 2024


Tre capisaldi da tradurre in azioni: Eccellenza e passione per le nostre soluzioni di Performance Management: Consolidato; Controllo di gestione; Bilancio di sostenibilità ESG. Formazione continua per creare key users con le spalle più larghe dei consulenti che li seguono 😊; Attenzione a progetti benefici per non rendere EXPERLAB una società distaccata dal mondo in … Read More