Oracle #PBCS projects have a much higher level of customization than the Consolidated Financial Statement for statutory purposes.

Typically we use a file to collect the business requirements and give the client visibility of the project scope. The collection phase is also very useful to clarify the planning & reporting process.

Here are the points that we usually analyze in preliminary meetings of 2-4 hours duration:

  1. Users to be created and security access;
  2. Scenarios and versions;
  3. Dimensions to be created on PBCS cubes (Cost centers, division, business unit, …);
  4. Sales Analysis;
  5. Cogs analysis;
  6. Other Income Statement sections analysis;
  7. Balance sheet & Cash Flow;
  8. Data sources to load data & Input package;
  9. Automatic calculation & allocation rules;
  10. Approval & Workflow;
  11. Reporting;
  12. Managerial Consolidation;
  13. Training and UAT.