DrillThrough means tracing from the destination account of an EPM system to the source accounts of GL; here we talk about: #JDE as source, #FDM as ETL and #HFM as destination. Experlab, in collaboration with a system integrator, has implemented a solution that reduces the maintenance need of FDM maps for the users. In summary:

– Each new JDE account is associated, in a designated class, with the HFM destination account;

– There is a view, which points to the staging table on DB, where the account code and the JDE description are concatenated in a single field;

– In FDM, for the entire chart of accounts, we manage a “Like” type mapping, reducing maintenance activity to zero;

– In FDM a field called “Description-1” is enabled to display on each HFM account the account code and the description of the JDE source, both at the client workbench table level and in FDM execution reports.

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