We think that, by developing our FCCS consolidation template we will find so many matches with ESSBASE functionalities. And so, we try to report here.

Let’s talk about metadata development in FCCS: here we can use the IMPORT METADATA function, so we build a TXT file with the dimensions we want to import into the FCCS application; we will have a record header with the name of dimensions and the properties we want to upload: we can explicit as many properties as we need for each dimension; FCCS will set as “default” the missing properties in the TXT file. We manage the load option and field separator as in the Essbase Administration Console (EAS) when we manage the RULE FILE to import dimensions and property dimension from a TXT file or from a staging table into our DB. We manage the CLEAR MEMBER option, then we validate and import.

For data upload we build a TXT file made of our Periodic or YTD data values; we have the period, we have the measure with the amount, we have the Point of View for the data import and then we have the cube to be loaded. We set up the location from which to import the file, we set up a delimiter , an import mode, an accumulation type and a date format. This is very similar to the Essbase Data Load Rules, to load thousand of data records from a TXT file or from a database.

Always with reference to what we do in Essbase, both metadata and data management in FCCS includes these process steps:

  • TXT model and creation, also from an excel file;
  • First import and TXT validation (the same of Data Rule run in EAS);
  • Adoption of the TXT as a template for the go live to import files with same format.

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