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Migrate to HFM

This is the lighter, faster, simpler HFM version ever made before. Oracle “dixit”.

We say: great opportunity to migrate to HFM, especially for customers having following HFM versions: 11.1.1.x (great versions, but really very old in terms of compatibility, etc …), and (the worst ever done before).

From out point of view (which is the same as that of the customer) consider the following to migrate to HFM

  • Improve navigation into EPM and HFM tasks and functions;
  • More HFM / EPM applications open at the same time;
  • More tasks in HFM application open at the same time (consolidation, data load, post journal, …);
  • The better Smart View even done before; both for Data Entry and Reporting;
  • New copy application tools, to make development applications for testing solutions;
  • New FDM into the same workspace of HFM;
  • Completed data integration with Planning and Essbase, also by FDM;
  • Solved compatibility issues with MS Office and browsers.

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Equity translations

HFM provides a Closing rate to translate Balance sheet data and an Average rate to translate Profit & Loss data. There is not an Historical exchange rate to translate the equity movements.

A quick solution to keep the equity translated at the historical exchange rate is a manual journal entry with journal HFM module.

Another solution developed by Experlab is an HFM rule on consolidation currency: all the exchange effects on equity accounts coming from a different Closing rate are reversed on a single equity account.

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