Conslab” is the service designed for testing a leading application solution for the Consolidated Financial Statements on real closing data, without purchasing any license.

Conslab” is the solution for:

  • Companies that are thinking to acquire a platform market leader on the Consolidated Financial Statements, but have not yet decided to kick off a “significant investment”;
  • Companies that prepare Consolidated Financial Statements without the use of any software;
  • Companies that prepare Consolidated Financial Statements just using software not fully satisfactory;
  • Companies that want to compare the available data with the data produced by a software for Consolidated Financial Statements;
  • Companies that wish to carry out a functional analysis of their consolidation process and want to test the impact resulting from the project re-design of some steps.

Conslab” service is based on Starter Kit HFM (Oracle Hyperion Financial Management) IFRS or ITAGAAP made by Experlab along many years of experience on consolidated financial statements projects.