Here are some notes on today’s FCCS Workshop in Milan.

  • Developed Demo Kit for Consolidated IFRS; further customizable and extendable in terms of functionality;
  • Version “18-10” of FCCS arriving at the end of october, with two new Custom Dimensions;
  • Oracle EPM Cloud Migration Accellerator (ECMA) for mapping and migrating application profile and metadata from HFM to FCCS;
  • Wizard for Configurable consolidation Rules + Essbase Calculation Scripts + Member Formulas for calculation and consolidation management;
  • Already on the market the FCCS Demo Kit for the management of the Leasing in principle IFRS16;
  • EPRCS for Cloud Integrative Notes to the Financial Statements as an integral part of FCCS Reporting;
  • Smart View for development and maintenance of dimensions (metadata);
  • Reporting Web Studio for the realization of the package of input and consolidated reports;
  • Automatic generation of Cash Flow statements on Account and Movements dimensions;
  • Dashboards and Financial Close for CFO and controllers;
  • Supplemental Data Management (SDM) for uploading and mapping attribute information on FCCS elements;
  • EPM Automate for loading data from ERP Interfaces.