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ERP / EPM Data Integration

To load data into an Oracle EPM system, whether consolidated or planning, we offer two ways in demo:

1 – Data Management;
2 – Web Forms, also used by excel Smart View.

Many companies have different accounting systems on their legal entities, and they ask us how to load the data on a single group chart of an Oracle EPM application.
Data Management works on text files and allows you to import even several thousand records in seconds. EXPERLAB supports the controller and the IT Manager in identifying the information to be extracted from the accounting systems, whether statutory or managerial, and in the generation of the upload file.
On Data Management we develop all the reporting useful for Drill Through, or rather to query the accounting balances that have fed a specific account in Oracle EPM.

FDMEE and EPM Cloud

One of the main phases of a migration project from Oracle EPM “on premise” to Oracle EPM Cloud is the transition of the historical data from old to new environment.

Having an FDM EE at home, even if not fully used to upload data from ERP, is of fundamental importance.

This ETL, which we are used to seeing data from JDE, SAP or other sources load into Hyperion, connects our traditional applications with CLOUD applications, maps the existing dimensions with the new ones, migrates the data.

Imagine, in a consolidated financial statement application, that we need to migrate different actual and planning data scenarios, starting from 2015, statutory and managerial. Imagine the need to migrate both the legal entity data and the consolidated data: FDM EE migrates both types, and this allows system integrators and key users a significant time saving in not having to reprocess or reconsolidate, within the new environment , the previous database.

Strongly recommended in the plans to move to the Cloud for the reconstruction of the “historical” Financial Statements and the Notes.

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About DrillThrough on FDM

DrillThrough means tracing from the destination account of an EPM system to the source accounts of GL; here we talk about: #JDE as source, #FDM as ETL and #HFM as destination. Experlab, in collaboration with a system integrator, has implemented a solution that reduces the maintenance need of FDM maps for the users. In summary:

– Each new JDE account is associated, in a designated class, with the HFM destination account;

– There is a view, which points to the staging table on DB, where the account code and the JDE description are concatenated in a single field;

– In FDM, for the entire chart of accounts, we manage a “Like” type mapping, reducing maintenance activity to zero;

– In FDM a field called “Description-1” is enabled to display on each HFM account the account code and the description of the JDE source, both at the client workbench table level and in FDM execution reports.

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Fdm Report Execution

Workbench table of FDMEE (Import / Validate / Export): extract on excel: the correct format of source account codes starting with zero, within separators inside them (example, master account/ account / cost center) has been lost.
The Fdm report “01_TB Current Location, by Target Acct”, under Workflow > Report Execution> Base Trial Balance Report, returns the correct formats launched on XLS.
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