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Second EPM Webinar

EXPERLAB is pleased to propose the second meeting on EPM and CFO Reporting, title “Comparison between Oracle Hyperion on premise and Oracle EPM Cloud” which will be held on February 25, 12 – 12:50.
The session agenda is as follows:
i. Technological and functional strengths provided by Cloud technologies;
ii. Comparison on data acquisition;
iii. Comparison on Reporting capabilities;
iv. Comparison on calculation rules;
v. How to set up a migration project from “on premise” applications to Cloud applications;
vi. Interaction with companies and insights on issues related to their reality.
The meeting will be held on Teams or on Zoom. To subscribe, please send an e-mail to Stefano Francese, at by Thursday 18 February.


With seven implementations already live from 2019 to today (five on FCCS, one on PBCS, two on EPRCS) EXPERLAB is increasingly being recognized as a company that invests in new Oracle EPM Cloud technologies; also strong of the experience started in 2005 on traditional Hyperion applications.
We make fifteen years of project history available to CFOs and CIOs.
Together we think about:
– Make a new implementation of EPM Cloud;
– Migrate from EPM on premise to EPM Cloud;
– Stay on EPM on premise, on updated releases;
– Migrate individual application parts from “on premise” to Cloud keeping the two worlds active and managing a “light” passage and in parallel for a period of time.

Training of young resources on new technologies.
Reference point for companies on all traditional and modern EPM.

Services for Actual Fy19

Looking at the closing of the Group Consolidated Financial Statements as at 31.12.2019 ExperLab offers:

  • Assessment on current use of EPM systems, in particular Oracle Hyperion “on premise” and Cloud, and gaap analysis with desired level of use;
  • Training sessions for basic users, key users and administrators;
  • Development of templates to improve the process of loading of financial statements by Legal Entities and ensuring the control of the integrity of the data in the system;
  • Development of templates for the management of manual consolidation entries;
  • Evolution of application structures (metadata), calculation rules, translation, consolidation;
  • Creation of new data analysis reporting along the consolidation process (Translated / Aggregate / Eliminations / Contribution levels).

The aim of the proposal is to provide the key user with a single service package, capable of:

  • Strengthen his skills in the use of the various components of the system;
  • Increase the application’s ability to respond to its Financial Close needs.

ExperLab EPM University

Our goal is to create value solutions for companies. Our pleasure is to see users confident in using these solutions.

Oracle EPM Training Topics:


  • Application Overview;
  • Manage Metadata;
  • Manage Rules;
  • Manage Financial Close.


  • Manage Report Packages for the Notes;
  • Disclosure Management and XBRL overview.

From HFM to FCCS

  • Overview of the differences in the main logics of the two products;
  • Migration Considerations.


  • Manage Dimensions / Metadata;
  • Manage Rules;
  • Manage Web Forms and Documents;
  • Consolidator and base user training;


  • Manage application on EAS console;
  • Manage Load Rules;
  • Manage Calculation scripts.


  • Using Calculation Manager;
  • Manage Task Lists and Planning Workflow.


  • Setup Import Format and Location;
  • Setup Mapping;
  • Report Execution and Drill Through.

Financial Reporting Studio:

  • Create FR Reports, books, templates.

Smart View:

  • Free “Ad Hoc Analysis”;
  • Retrieve Get Value for the Notes to Financial Statements;
  • Set Value.

Shared Services:

  • User creation;
  • Group Creation;
  • Assigning Roles;
  • Assigning Security classes.


Skills for EPM users

In preparation to the warm periods of the Financial Close, Experlab proposes a package of services aimed at improving users’ skills in using Enterprise Performance Management tools:

1. User and System Administrators training;

2. New Consolidated Reporting Package, including: 2a) Equity Movements by company, in consolidated view; 2b) Contribution Report by company and details of automatic and manual consolidated journals by nature; 2c) Consolidation adjustments, with opening balances and period movements details.

3. Smart View Add In User Guide.

The service package is based on the “on-premise” and Cloud applications of the Oracle Hyperion suite.

EPM Assessment HFM / FCCS

Experlab proposes cognitive and “free of charge” assessments to verify the health of HFM applications (Hyperion Financial Management) on premise and whose use does not cross the functional needs of the area Finance.

The causes could be some of the following:

  1. Obsolete release application;
  2. Original implementation project not completed;
  3. Mistrust users in the system/absence of training sessions and “on the job”;
  4. Lame interface to source systems;
  5. Incomplete or inappropriate Reporting book towards statutory and/or managerial functional requirements.

The choice of revitalization of the application and of the information process could go in two directions:

  1. Functional analysis for HFM reactivation and critical resolution;
  2. Functional Analysis for #FCCS migration (Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service).

The proposal is addressed both to the management control and to the information systems of companies that have in house an HFM installed.

Oracle Hyperion AMS

Experlab carries out application maintenance, support and training services on existing Oracle Hyperion EPM applications (HFM, Essbase, Planning), in line with the change in the functional requirements coming from the management control. Experlab works on multiple areas, including:

  • METADATA: maintenance of elements or dimensions in existing cubes / applications;
  • WEB DATA ENTRY FORMS / SMART VIEW FILES / DATA LOAD RULES / TXT FILES: maintenance of application tools for data entry;
  • FINANCIAL REPORTING STUDIO / WEB ANALYSIS / SMART VIEW FILES / EPRCS DOCS: maintenance of reports or book of reports;
  • RULES AND CALCULATION SCRIPTS: maintenance of calculation, allocation, consolidation rules;
  • SHARED SERVICES & SECURITIES: maintenance of users, tasks and securities profiling;
  • NEW XBRL REPORTING: implementation of reports in XBRL format on already existing applications;
  • FDM: development of ETL applications for data feeding on already existing applications; from ERP applications and between EPM applications;
  • MIGRATION: migration of applications to new versions/releases.

Financial Close is coming

A warm period is coming for the closing of the actual Statutory financial statements and Consolidated group financial statements; many companies develop the final touches on their 2018 budget and medium / long-term plans.

Experlab supports Finance and IT users with experienced and qualified Application Maintenance and Support services on all application components of following tools:


  • Financial Management (HFM);
  • Financial Reporting Studio;
  • Essbase;
  • Planning;
  • Shared Services and Workspace;
  • Smart View;
  • Financial Data Management (FDM / FDQM);
  • EPM Architect;
  • Enterprise.


  • Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS);
  • Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS);
  • Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS).


  • Board Financial Consolidation.

To access our support services email